13 weeks

Sunday, March 16, 2014

1st trimester.

This first trimester has been really interesting.  I am beyond excited to be adding to our family and having a little bean growing inside of me.  People are always asking me how I feel about it and of course I am beyond excited. I think I have heard so many stories of  other peoples experiences and mine just does not seem as exciting as theirs.  Apparently there is supposed to be this "wow" moment when the clouds part and a giant beam of sun rays shine down on me..... Yeah ugh NO!! I must just be lame bc aside from my few symptoms I don't feel pregnant at all. I have experienced my fair share of emotions so far, from crying at seeing the little heartbeat and wanting to kill my husband simply because he was breathing my air. Needless to say this has been a pretty easy going 1st trimester.

1. Amazon I'm Pregnant and What to expect when expecting- The first couple weeks of pregnancy I could tell no one and I was going CRAZY.  If you know me I am some what of a hypocondriate. I spend way to much time watching The Doctors and searching things online, which can make any sane person crazy.  So to help keep myself off of the internet I bought these two book and found them to be very helpful.  I'm Pregnant is a week by week guide and has lots of pictures which I love :).  Every pregnant person I know has bought or read the What to expect when expiating, so of course I wanted it too.

2. Water- Ugh, I hate I repeat I hate drink water!!  Prior to the pregnancy I literally could go a whole day and not drink anything. Its just not something I ever think about and I am never thirsty.  After visiting with the doctor last week I was told I am still not drinking enough water so since then my husband has turned into the water natzi! I understand he is trying to help but I feel like I could float a small yacht in my stomach. So because I know I am supposed to drink it and LOTS of it this is a must have. 

3. Motherhood Collagen Boosting Body Butter- I was given this as a gift and I love it so far.  Immediately after finding out I was pregnant I started searching which creams where the best for stretch marks.  Well, there are like millions and I had no idea where to start.  This lotion smells great and goes on awesome not leaving behind any sticky residue (which is a must for me).  I know stretch marks are inevitable but surly if I bath in this stuff daily something will get "boosted".

4. Target C9 by Champions Bra- This was a life saver.  I found out I was pregnant a week after raiding the bra section at the New Year's Dillard's sale.  Needless to say by the time I got them home nothing I had was fitting in them.  This bra is so comfortable and has enough padding that I can wear it with regular tops and not look like I am packing a bread loaf under my shirt.  SCORE 

5. Pepsi- I know I know, I am not supposed to have caffeine. Well, after expressing my 4 day headache pain on Facebook multiple people told me to try some caffeine. So I did and BAM it worked. I can count on one hand the number of sodas I drank in the last year prior to pregnancy. I just don't drink it so I would have never guessed this helped my headache to go away. 

6. Walmart One-A-Day Prenatal- This was the first thing I went and purchased and let me make on thing clear, I got the first one I saw on the shelf.  I had no idea which one was "the best" and all that jazz but this one seems to work really well for me.  I have had no sickness, little to no burping, and I feel great. 

7. Walmart Eggrolls- I have eaten more egg rolls the last 2 months than I have eaten in my whole life. Oh man, they are so yummy.  Pop them in the microwave for 45 seconds and BAM...... heaven. The ones I get are in the deli section at Walmart by the pre made subs (just incase you want to snag some).  The brand pictured is not the brand I purchase but since I couldn't find a picture this one will have to do. Want an egg roll now?

Please ignore my husbands inability to focus the camera. I only have so long and so many shots to get before he looses patients so had to go with this one. On the bright side by the end of this 9 months surly he will have it figured out.

How far along?  13 weeks! 
Total weight gain/measurements: 1-2 lbs. My weight fluctuates between 123-125 normally so it is hard for me to tell what is actually baby gain or food gain. 
Maternity clothes: No, but I have a feeling I will be breaking out the rubber band trick on my jeans a lot sooner than later. 
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Pretty much normal besides the crazy dreams that I talked about last week.
Best moment this week: Getting our first baby gift in the mail. This was a total surprise to me and I was a emotional basket case when I opened up the box and saw the baby wrapping paper. 
Miss anything? Not at the moment, feeling pretty normal
Movement: Nope, I have read in my book that some people (in most cases women who have already been pregnant) can feel a little butterfly feeling. I have been paying attention pretty hard the last week and haven't felt anything. 
Food cravings: Chef salad but I better have hard boiled eggs and ham on it.  Thank goodness it is a healthy craving.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still Nate's nasty hot sauce
Gender: Your guess is a good as mine. Daddy is praying for a boy. :)
Labour signs: Heck no!!
Symptoms: Headaches galore!! Holy cow have they been bad this week. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: warm weather :)



  1. I'm jealous! My wedding ring won't fit!

  2. I love your candor, especially in the form of a blog....keep it coming ;))



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