Baby Breland Coming September 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

Well, the cat has been let out of the bag. Nate and I are expecting! Baby Breland will be here in September and we are both so excited.  We found out at the beginning of January and waited till after our first appointment to tell our parents and family. It ended up working out perfect because Nate had baseball games in Conway, AR on Valentines day which meant that we got to give our moms the best Valentines Day present ever. But first I had to tell my sister. Somewhere along the way she made me promise to tell her first when we were pregnant, so I did and this is what happened.

Every time I see this video I crack up laughing. Poor Chris just stands there smiling with a "what the hell is going on" look on his face. PRICELESS

This is how we told our mothers. I found these adorable little things on Etsy and couldn't resist. Both little boxes also contained a note with the announcement and due date. There were lots of tears, jumping, and screaming following the realization of what was inside their "valentines day presents".

 I am right at the end of the 12th week now and thus far I have nothing to complain about. I have little to no symptoms what so ever aside from fatigue and having to go purchase some new bras (my doctor informed me that I had received the "golden ticket").  I have continued my same workout regimen as I had prior to pregnancy, although I will say some days were a little harder than others. Fatigue hit me hard at week 8 and didn't want to do anything let alone go workout. Also at this point all I wanted to eat was egg rolls, which is strange seeing that I rarely ever eat them in general.

We had our 12 week appointment on Wednesday and got to hear the little heart beat again.  Every time I hear it I am amazed that there is a little heartbeat inside of me and get quite emotional all at the same time.

The first picture of our little bean at 8 weeks. 

How far along? 12 weeks (wow crazy)
Total weight gain: None at the moment. 
Maternity clothes?  Nope, I am honestly hoping that I can avoid buying any though out the whole pregnancy. (think its possible?)
Stretch marks?  Not yet. I already have stretch marks just from when I started college so something tells me I won't be able to avoid them but in the mean time I will bath in my collagen  boosting body butter. 
    Sleep: Oh sleep, it's been interesting I am not feeling tired thought the day but my crazy, scary, and somewhat blushful dreams wake me up quite frequently throughout the night.  
Best moment this week: Getting to hear the little beans heart beat again. 
Miss anything?  Not being bloated constantly. 
Food cravings: Nope none really.  
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Yes!  ALOT OF THING. Fish and the nasty hot sauce that Nate has to put on EVERYTHING he eats are the two that are the most prominent. 
Gender: I have no idea...but I would definitely be happy with either :)
Labour signs: No!
Symptoms: Food aversions are pretty much it for this week. 
Belly button in or out?  In!  Ugh my belly button is a giant whole I would be surprised if that thing every gets even close to popping out. 
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: I'm happy, extremely happy!
Looking forward to: 8 weeks from now finding out the gender so I can start to SHOP!!

Well that is it for the 12 week post. We are beyond elated to FINALLY be able to share our exciting news with everyone. 



  1. Such a creative announcement! I was looking for cute ideas on pinterest and this is just too cute! I am 12 weeks, too but we are so slow to telling people this time! Part of me is waiting for a cool way to do it and the other part is just kind of lazy! Eventually people will figure it out sometime, right?

    1. Thank you very much amy!!! Yeah, we were gradually telling close friends as our family already knew and the word was starting to spread pretty quickly so we decided to go ahead and make it "fb official". Good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!!



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