Summer... what?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Regardless of the ridiculous amount of snow still on the ground here in Fayette it is inevitable, summer is just around the corner. So, time to kick it into gear and put away the oreos! If you were able to read my last post you know that getting back into shape was one of my main goals. Lets face it if you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, it just doesn't make you feel good. Which leads me to this point where I get really embarrassed but I think this will help me keep my goal and work harder to get to where I want to be...... the dreaded before pictures. I took these pictures on Monday and I am just now working up the courage to put them up. So here they are, lets face it as much as I don't want to put these on here it will be a lot harder to have to answer to all of my readers and fb friends if I get off track. :)

Since I started on this little get healthy journey I have had a couple of people ask me what I am doing as far as workouts. This week I have been focusing on 30 min of cardio (treadmill or elliptical), lifting rotating day (legs and arms/back), and at least 10 min of abs.

If I do not have time to make it to the gym I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blogilates website. Cassey is amazing and she will kick your butt in her workouts and she has lots of videos to choose from for the areas you are trying to target. Go check her out

To me its not what about what everyone else thinks, if you are happy and comfortable with you ROCK IT! If you are not MAKE A CHANGE, I am finding out it is much easier to make a change than to sit and feel sorry for your self.

Thank you so much for reading and I will be post new pictures updates on Monday of next week.


*I am not certified in any type of personal training, these are just my personal experiences.*

As simple as a goal

Monday, March 25, 2013

When I think of myself I think I am pretty happy and funny person. The last couple of months I have not felt like myself. Sometimes I blame it on my husband and nit-pick every little thing he does or doesn't do, other times I blame it on missing my family and feeling like I have no friends here in Fayette. I think everyone has times like these weather it is once a year or once every 5 years. I still don't understand why it is so easy for me to blame everything else around me and not look in the mirror. I have so many things to be thankful for; my home, my job, my husband, the amazing people around me, and so much more.

Sometime I think people are forget that loving yourself is a major part of being happy. For me I compare myself to so many people around me and this has a major effect on my all around attitude.

For example:
- I am not as successful of other photographers around me
- I have to rely on my husband as our major source of income (I am very independent this kills me)
- My body is not what it used to be

While at a career expo I got to talk with someone who said to me "you need to make goals for yourself" this conversation was from a business aspect but really can be put into any aspect of life. If I was to make goals for my business as well for myself personally where could it take me? Sure it may take longer to reach a goal than what expected or their may be road blocks in the way but is there really any goal that is unreachable?

What is your goal for this week, month, or year?

Here are a couple of mine:
- Work with 20 more seniors this year than I did last year (business)
- Increase my marketing concepts (boudoir and weddings)
- Eat healthier (no more whole rows of oreos)
- Workout at least 30 min 5 days a week

Lets makes some goals together and help one another stick to them. Tell me your goals below :)


Taking a breather

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the random breaks in posts, I am going to get better I promise!

So last weekend I took a much needed trip back home (McDonald County MO) and no Ronald McDonald does not live there. My trip consisted of some St. Patty's day fun in Eureka Springs Arkansas, St. Patty's day is their biggest "holiday" of the year. I went with one of my best friends Kirsten, her parents, and some friends. We started off our St. Patty's day with patiently awaiting the parade to come though so we could race all the little kids and Tara (friend) to the candy and beads. The candy throwing selection was less than par, I only got one chocolate candy (I know what the heck) haha! The rest of the evening consisted off way to many drinks, food, and enough dancing I was sore for 2 days after.

I know all you readers are jealous of my mustache cup!

After making the trip back home the next day I got to spend some fun time shopping and hanging out with my family! LOVE THESE TIMES.

We decided to send this picture to Nate since every picture he takes he has to act like he is sleeping.

It was followed by this picture with my reply
"looks like you are getting "bra sores" you need to switch sides"
Thank you auto correct..... I was trying to say "bed sores"

Followed by getting this picture from Nate!

If you needed a good laugh for today, there it is! Hope you all have a great Friday and I will be seeing you tomorrow (though my post of course).



Hi... I'm your wife nice to meet you!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Well it is baseball season and its in full force! Sometimes I get stuck in this alternative world where my husband goes to work and comes home every night (at a normal time) and there I am with my apron on, dinner done, and house cleaned. YEAH RIGHT! I have literally seen Nate maybe 10 hrs total in the last month and that is pushing it.

His Day:
Leave for work at 5 am (some days earlier)
Come home sometime between 8-11 give or take!

My Day:
Wake up at 7
Go to class from 8-2
Work at home or Emmet's (restaurant here in Fayette)
Go to bed at 9 or 10

As you can see our paths very rarely cross, I am not going to lie this really sucks! I always knew I wanted to "grow up" and move away from my home town but now that I am here with no family around and both Nate and I focusing on our jobs and education of course, sometimes I wish I could just get in the car and go over to my  moms or grandmas. Since they are both 4 hrs away and may I add $200 in gas just to get there, phone calls will have to do! I will just say friends are a blessing and keep me sane, for the most part. After getting to spend the evening with Nate and him making the comment "Distance make the love grow stronger" Ugh babe its "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" I will give him credit for the good effort though. This is definitely a true statement, I think I am just still not totally used to the "Coaches wife" aspect of our life. Any coaches wives out there with some advice, send them my way!

The CMU baseball boys are headed out for their spring break trip full of games. Tomorrow night they take on MSSU, watch out Joplin friends my husband is coming to town. Also through their week long trip they will be in Kansas and Oklahoma, no sun rays and sand for these boys. I on the other hand will be cheering them on from Fayette. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!

Here is an interview that Nate and some of the boys did last week check it out!


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Cleanse, Balance, Build

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today I decided it was time to give you all a little update on how the GP products have been working for my husband (Nate) and I.  We started the cleanse at the beginning of the week and let me tell you its awesome. Dr. Lindsey Duncan (founder and formulator of all the products) tells us that we have to first cleanse our body of all the bad toxins in order for our body to take in all of the good. This products helps to detoxify every organ, cell and tissue in the body along with an emphasis on the seven channels of elimination. Who knew you had seven channels of elimination in your body? I sure as heck didn't (colon, liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic system, skin and blood stream). The first thing Nate said to me "If this makes me have to run to the bathroom I am going to kill someone" sorry word for word what he said. So on Monday night we took our dropper full before bed and we have been taking it every night since. SUCCESS! I am not going to lie it is not the best tasting thing in the world, one of my leaders said in a presentation it taste like "tree bark" ugh yeah that is about right! So now along with our GoYin and Daily Build we are giving out body everything it needs to get though the day along with some amazing extras. ( I will go over these two products in a different post!)

I cant explain to you how much I love these products. Not only do I feel so much for energized I really don't crave the large amount of chocolate that I did before and Nate said I am not being as much as a B (for lack of better words). We have our routine and have stuck with in for these few weeks and have seen amazing results I cant wait to see the long term results!


Launch Giveaway

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hi!!! I am so excited to finally launch my new blog, because this is a special event and soon to be a national holiday I am sure I will be giving away the following items.

What you could win:

Pink Pueblo: Brush and digital paper set
The Beaded Butterfly: $40 shop credit
Summerana Photography and Designs: EVERY digital design in their shop. $150 value

Precise Elegance: Light blue and clear ball necklace
Happy Organized Life: The Mamma's Planner Pack
NU2U Boutique: Stacking Bracelet
Best case: Your choice of any case from their Etsy shop

To enter simply:

-click comment below and tell me which prize you would most like to win

-share the giveaway on your facebook page

-Check out My Pure Life Facebook page!/itsmypurelife


You MUST complete both to win! 

Winners announced April 4th.



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