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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ugh documenting your pregnancy!! If you are like me you have every intensions of being on top of things and documenting every little thing. Well that intention for me lasted a whole week.  I forgot, put it off, and forgot again. What's a girl to do? There are a million different ways that people are documenting their pregnancies these days. Of course there is that evil demon of Pinterst that sucks us all into these great ideas that we can usually never get done (at least this is the case for myself).  When I found out I was pregnant like I said I was going to be on top of things. I created this journal for to fill out each week and that didn't happen, so I am passing this on to you!

Here is what the download will look like AFTER you fill in your week and the baby size. (your download below this image)

The one below is YOURS, as you can see the week number is missing and the size of the baby. To download all you have to do is click on the image and save it to your computer. Once the image is saved open up Microsoft Word click on insert picture.  You will have to change the format of the image so that you can place text over the image to fill in your week and baby size.  Then print and ENJOY!! 

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  1. Thank you for making and posting this!! It's simple and cute and will make it fun to keep track of some important things during my pregnancy. I'm also using the bottom section to keep track of questions for my doctor.
    Lovely work!

  2. Thanks for the template! I downloaded it, opened it in Word, but not sure how to change the format or add my text. I guess I could just print out the page and just write it in myself. In any case, very helpful to get my creative juices flowing! Thanks again!

  3. Thank you so much I really love this - and appreciate!!

  4. I know this reallly doesn't matter, but what font and exact colour are you using for the day/size? lol thank you :)

    1. Did you ever find out which font this was? I'm also wondering lol

  5. wow!! i was just looking for something like this.. thank you soo much!! really appreaciate it.



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